Living a healthy lifestyle is now common among Hollywood celebrities, perhaps learning from the mistakes of popular icons who lost sight of their goals in life. Whatever drove the likes of Whitney Houston to drug use could be the same reasons that motivated the likes of Oprah Winfrey to weather the storm to become one of the most successful Hollywood celebrities. Influential celebrities can have a great impact on their fans, especially in steering them toward mental and physical well being. It’s a great thing to note that nowadays, many of the popular stars in Hollywood are drawing attention as advocates of healthy lifestyles.

Some Examples of Popular Hollywood Celebrities Who Advocate Healthy Living

While there’s an influx of new wellness products, fitness programs, diet plans and exercise equipment being brandished as ultimate solutions to achieving health and wealth, some celebs achieved such feats by simply living healthy lives.

Harry Styles – This former One Direction pop star does not mention suffering from asthma as he does not use it as an excuse to not engage in physical activities like weight training, cardio exercises and yoga. Apparently, he is into them as a way to help improve his flexibility, tone his muscles and fortify his capability for endurance.
Moreover, Harry prefers to eat fish, eggs, fruits and vegetables as main sources of protein. His go-to foods to stave off hunger are sushis, veggies, fruits and whole grains while drinking coffee and plenty of water to keep himself energized and hydrated. Styles has millions of fans who follow him on various media sites where he serves as living proof that healthy living is the way to go.

Beyonce – Queen B as she is fondly called by millions of fans exemplifies a pop superstar who found success living and advocating a healthy lifestyle. Presumably to influence her fans, Beyonce together with her husband Jay-Z founded a company that promoted veganism as a way to help improve not only public health but also the health of the planet.
She believes that through compassionate eating, which eliminates the need to use a lot energy and resources to raise and provide animal meat, will help the movements that aim to prevent the planet from overheating.

That being said, we will take this opportunity to mention plant-based medications as opposed to formulations that make use of synthetic chemicals. The natural chemical Hypochlorous (HOCl) for one, is an active ingredient in the formulation of an active skin repair to support the body’s natural healing processes. After all, synthetic chemicals, particularly the VOCs, are one of the leading causes of ozone layer destruction that led to global warming.

Other Hollywood Celebrities who advocate healthy living by setting examples are Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz. Jennifer Aniston has been a long time devotee of yoga exercises and low-sugar, low-carb diet. All of which have kept her fit and sparkling throughout years of being a Hollywood icon.
Kate Hudson is also one of the passionate endorsers of leading a healthy lifestyle and has been inspiring others by sharing her Pilates and cardio routines via Instagram.
Cameron Diaz’s strong fitness advocacy is in support of the natural process of aging. She gives emphasis to ageless beauty as not about keeping your face wrinkle-free or your hair devoid of grey hair. In fact she has written about her wellness advocacy in two best selling books: “The Longevity Book” and “The Body Book.”