Hilary Swank Steps In to Help Two Shelter Pups in Need of a Home

Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue

This story featuring animal advocate and actress Hilary Swank was too cute not to share!

Hilary recently came across a post from Emily Gear, founder of Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue, a New York- and Ohio-based nonprofit that gets dogs and cats out of shelters and places them in temporary foster homes until they can be adopted. Emily was looking for a home for two cute little Golden Retriever pups, Mulder and Scully, just three months old:


Happy day after #MemorialDay, #Cincinnati! These two #goldenretriever mix puppies are looking for a local #foster home! They are 3 months old and already found themselves at a rural shelter. We need your help in order to give them a wonderful future! Our rescue is foster-based, meaning every animal we save from the shelter must have a family to live with until they are adopted. Can you provide a temporary foster home to these two deserving pups? If so, please fill out our foster form at www.louieslegacy.org/foster! Our rescue provides food and covers all medical costs, our fosters provide the love until each pet finds and amazing forever home! Please share! Our foster homes are pretty full and we don’t want to leave these two behind!

A post shared by Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue (@louieslegacy) on May 30, 2017 at 4:41am PDT

All of a sudden, Emily gets an email from a “Hilary Swank” wanting to foster the puppies, which Emily was convinced had to be a prank. However, Emily soon was able to chat with Hilary herself, who opened up about her love and commitment to animals, as well her own foundation, The Hilaroo Foundation, which brings kids and rescue pets together. So clearly Hilary was the perfect fit to be these pups’ foster mom!

Mulder and Scully were flown out to Hilary in LA by two volunteers, and have been doing amazing ever since! Hilary takes them hiking, and the puppies are working with a trainer as well. “They are doing great and she has nothing but good things to say about them,” said Emily, who gets regular updates from Hilary. Hilary plans to adopt one puppy and find another home for the other, but Emily added, “she says she has no idea how she will choose!”

Looking at those cute little faces, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hilary ended up keeping them both! Either way, it’s great that she was able to give these two a temporary home to stay, and hopefully they both find permanent homes soon!

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