John Legend Donates $5K Towards Student Lunch Debt in Seattle Schools

John Legend
Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

John Legend believes that kids shouldn’t be “lunch-shamed,” due to debt on their lunch accounts at school!

Over the weekend, the singer donated $5,000 to help pay down school lunch debt in Seattle’s public schools. He contributed to a GoFundMe campaign started by Jeff Lew, which had a goal to “erase Seattle School lunch debt.”

John tried to keep the good deed on the low, donating under his real name, John Stephens. Jeff, who created the campaign a few weeks ago, thanked him for the donation, but also recognized the name and asked John in an email,  “… are you also known as John Legend?” John responded not too long after with a subject line saying “yes it’s me” and “glad you’re doing this.”


As of today, the campaign has earned closed to $44,000! The money will go towards student debt on their lunch accounts through the rest of this school year, and going on into next year.


It’s a truly great cause that needs attention. Not only here, but in schools all across the country, students are shamed for not having enough money on their accounts to eat. Some students are denied food in the cafeteria, and instead given something really basic like a bologna sandwich and milk. A few students have even been sent home with an embarrassing “lunch money” stamp on their arm to remind their parents to pay. No kid should have to go through that, regardless of any financial issues.

It’s awesome that Jeff stepped up to the plate to say “Enough is enough,” and that John thought to give back to this campaign!


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