Jimmy Kimmel Lets Valedictorian Finish Speech on TV After Being Cut Off at Graduation

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel really is a stand up guy, letting a high school valedictorian finish his speech on national TV after being cut off during grad!

Peter Butera was tasked with giving a speech at his graduation from Wyoming Area High School on June 16. However, Peter deviated from his pre-approved speech and took time to give some criticism to the school’s administration. “The lack of a real student government, combined with the authoritative attitude that a few teachers, administrators and board members have, prevents students from truly developing as leaders,” the student said during his speech. Of course, the principal had his mic cut and told Peter to step off the stage as his fellow graduates and other audience members booed.

A video of the incident went viral and made its way to Jimmy, who invited the teen on his late night show through Skype. “Whoever cut that mic off should not be in charge of education of any kind,” Jimmy said before officially introducing the teen. Peter then got to finish his speech on national TV for millions of viewers, which had to have been even more embarrassing for the school’s administration! 

Watch the great moment below! 

Granted, no principal wants his leadership and that of his or her teachers criticized publicly (at graduation, no less). But censoring Peter like that was definitely wrong. I’m not sure if Peter or other students tried to bring this up during the school year (I can assume that they probably did and didn’t feel heard), so maybe Peter felt like this was his last time to speak up. Well, he was definitely heard thanks to Jimmy! Hopefully, the school’s faculty takes Peter’s thoughts to heart and makes some changes for the upcoming year.

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