Beyoncé’s BeyGOOD Foundation Announces New Initiative to Provide Clean Water to Burundi

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Beyoncé may be recuperating from giving birth to her twins, but her team is still putting in work behind the scenes!

It was announced that the singer’s BeyGOOD foundation is working to create clean water in the country of Burundi in Africa! Sadly, almost half of the citizens there don’t have access to safe, clean water.

Partnering with UNICEF, Bey and her foundation will support various initiatives to improve water, sanitation, and basic hygiene practices in the East African country. The first phase of this huge endeavor includes constructing new wells equipped with hand pumps, hygiene education and improving water and sanitation facilities in schools in four priority regions, including Bukemba and Giharo in Rutana Province and Kinyinya and Nyabitsinda in Ruyigui Province. In these rural areas, over 65 percent of the population is using unsafe water sources, with kids and families often walking long distances to collect as much water as they can with not much availability.  

Learn more about the crisis in Burundi, and what BeyGOOD is doing to help.

“BEYGOOD4BURUNDI is a continuation of the work that Beyoncé, her family and Parkwood Entertainment are doing to address water crises around the world, including right here in the state of Louisiana and in Michigan,” said Ivy McGregor, ‎Director of Philanthropy and Corporate Relations at Parkwood Entertainment, who traveled to Burundi earlier this year. “In Burundi I saw myself, my sisters and my mother in the strength of the women and young sisters traveling miles to carry water for their families. Today young girls in the ‘Heart of Africa’ are given the gift of hope for a brighter tomorrow through our multi-year partnership with UNICEF and commitment to support safe water access solutions.”

In a rare (probably scheduled) tweet, Beyoncé shared the following to fans:

“Access to water is a fundamental right,” Bey also said in a statement. “When you give children clean and safe water, you don’t just give them life, you give them health, an education, and a brighter future. I am committed to helping drive lasting solutions to the water crisis in Burundi.”

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