Prince William And Prince Harry Present Diana Awards To Amazing Youth

The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry presented The Inugural Legacy Award to twenty young people from across the world who have shown inspiring kindness compassion and service, at The Diana Awards this week.

The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry presented a new award, on behalf of The Diana Award, which honors the legacy of their mother, Diana, Princess of Wales. Twenty young people from across the UK and the world received The Inaugural Legacy Award for their outstanding displays of kindness, compassion and service to others.

The Diana Award was created in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales and her belief that young people had the power to change the world.

“This summer marks 20 years since our mother died,” Prince William said. “She achieved so much in her life. From helping to shatter the stigma around AIDS, to fighting to ban landmines and supporting the homeless — she touched the lives of millions.”

“One of the things our mother taught William and I was the value of doing good when no one is watching,” he said. “She visited hospitals late at night to comfort patients; she spent hours writing letters to privately support the work of others; she achieved a lot by shining a spotlight, but she worked just as hard when the cameras were gone.”

The charity runs anti-bullying and mentoring programs as well as celebrating young people who carry out inspiring work without any expectation of reward.

As well as winning The Legacy Award, recipients will have access to a unique development program which will provide them with the opportunity to enhance their skills in four areas – leadership, community development, social entrepreneurship and technology for good.

Oh I love this! Super awesome of these boys to carry on their mother’s legacy! They are a great example of Diana’s selflessness.

Source: Royal.UK

Image via ABC

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