Kylie Jenner Visits Peru to See Kids with Cleft Lip and Palate

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Kylie Jenner took some time last week during a trip to Peru to visit with kids who had undergone cleft lip/palate surgery!

The reality star turned beauty maven was able to meet kids who had went through surgery funded by Kylie’s own work with Smile Train! Smile Train provides support and corrective surgery for kids in developing countries that have the birth condition. Last year, Kylie sold a special-edition lip kit and gave 100 percent of the proceeds to Smile Train. All in all, the kit raised closed to $500,000, and is going to help fund 1,800 surgeries for kids born with cleft lip or cleft palate!

Susannah Schaefer, CEO of Smile Train, previously praised Kylie’s work with the organization. “Smile Train has been aware of Kylie’s generous heart and her commitment to helping children through her #IAmMoreThan social media campaign and her many visits to children’s hospitals,” she said. “It’s the perfect synergy because Smile Train’s core vision is to help children with clefts not only receive new smiles, but also build confidence. There’s nothing more powerful than a smile.”

Kylie went along with her mom, Kris Jenner, to meet kids, and posed with this cutie post-surgery!

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It’s so great that Kylie was able to see some of the kids that she helped through her influence!


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