DO GOOD EXCLUSIVE: OITNB Star Alysia Reiner Talks Season 5 and Cool Effect

There is more to Alysia Reiner than just Orange is the New Black. Yeah, we love her on the show as Fig, but we love her even more because of who she is as a person!

A new national campaign is looking to offset carbon emissions and lower our impact on the environment. Cue in, Cool Effect. This weekend on Earth Day the group “Cool Effect” was marching at the nation’s capitol to send a message and that message was loud and clear.

In an interview exclusive with, Alysia Reiner talked about her efforts to try to live a sustainable lifestyle and she says that the “Cool Effect” campaign gives consumers a chance to offset their carbon emission footprint by funding projects that help reduce emissions.

“Cool Effect” is all about making an impact, project by project. According to the Cool Effect website, “in partnership with Proof Lab, a California landmark surf shop in Mill Valley, CA, we launched a promotion to raise funds to build new cookstoves for the people of Uganda. In a country where 93% of people cook food over toxic fires, this project is helping the planet and its people by making efficient cookstoves affordable.”

This is just one of the many ways that Cool Effect is working on bettering the environment. And Reiner is so passionate about reducing people’s impact on the environment and she believes everyone has to do their part. I am right there with her!

In our exclusive interview with Reiner, we visited with her about Cool Effect as well as what is coming up in season five of Orange is the New Black. Check out what we found out in the exclusive interview above.

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