Dwayne Johnson Gives Touching Tribute on Instagram to Sick Fan

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson just gave a touching tribute to a sick fan hoping to meet him.

The Make A Wish Foundation reached out to to the actor, asking if he could visit 13-year-old Taitusi, who’s battling an undisclosed but serious illness down in Hawaii. Unfortunately, Dwayne is currently shooting the next season of Ballers out in Vegas, and wasn’t able to make it. However, he took the time to record a little video on Instagram for Taitusi and the world to see!

“I wish we could hang out and talk like your wish was. I want you to know I know so much about you,” Dwayne said.  “You love chicken, I love chicken. Your favorite color is red, I love red. You love to play Call of Duty, I suck at Call of Duty. You love pancakes, I love pancakes. Your favorite treat is Rice Krispie treats.” In fact, the actor even pledged to eat some Rice Krispie treats in Taitusi’s honor this weekend. Dwayne then smiled and added, “I want you to know that even though I can’t see you and be with you… that you’re one of the coolest kids I’ve ever spoken to. You are stronger than I will ever be.”  He got a little choked up after that, but managed to pull himself together.

Watch the touching tribute below!


Even though he couldn’t go down and actually talk with Tatsui, I know this had to have made the young fan’s day!

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