Chance the Rapper Meeting with Illinois Governor To Discuss Funding in Chicago Schools

Fred Lee/ABC

Chance the Rapper is always looking out for those in his hometown of Chicago! So much so, in fact, that the rapper is meeting this week with the Illnois governor to discuss funding for Chicago schools.

Chance and Gov. Bruce Rauner will meet on Friday privately to brainstorm ideas on how to better serve the city’s schools. They were supposed to meet on March. 1, but a tornado that hit southern Illinois delayed the plans. At first the meeting was canceled, with no reschedule date in sight, but Chance soon announced that they would indeed be meeting up later in the week!

Currently, Chicago Public Schools is suing Rauner and state education officials, saying that the way Illinois funds schools violates the civil rights of the area’s predominantly minority students. So this meeting would definitely be amazing, especially if real plans were established to better serve these kids at school!

Like I said, it’s nothing to hear of Chance working in his own community. In fact, he recently sat down with Katie Couric about his career, but also about his city, and what he feels like should be done. Charity starts at home, and it’s great to see him continuing his good work there!


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