Shay Mitchell, Monique Coleman and More Will Participate in WE Day Illinois with Youth

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Shay Mitchell, Monique Coleman, and more celebs are set to participate in WE Day Illinois with thousands of youth dedicated to making a difference!

WE Day Illinois, which will be held on March 1, will bring together 15,000 youth, local change-makers, inspirational speakers and world-renowned performers, all committed to taking a stand on social issues! Shay will host the event, which will be streamed live at 9:00 a.m. CT on the day of the event at

WE Day is part of WE, an organization that provides people with the tools to change the world locally and globally. Through the yearlong educational program WE Schools, WE provides schools and community groups with educational resources and student-led campaigns designed to enhance a school’s existing social initiatives or spark new ones. All students that come to WE Day are invited for free, having to earn their tickets through impactful work throughout the year.

WE Day Illinois will bring together students and educators from more than 525 schools across the state, all of who have made significant impact in their communities over the last school year. At Chicago’s Ebinger Elementary, for instance, the students collected food, personal hygiene items, baby supplies, winter clothing and over 400 toys during their month-long series of service activities called “Four Weeks of Hope,” which supported a neighborhood food pantry.

In addition to Shay and Monique, other celebs and notable folks coming out include Buzz AldrinXzibitGrace VanderWaal, LaRoyce Hawkins, Jordan Smith, Spencer West, and Silentó. All will either perform or speak to these kids to inspire them to continue to work towards change in their community. 

“I truly believe that youth can do anything they put their minds to. The thousands of passionate young people at WE Day are proof that no one is too young or too small to make a difference,” said Monique. “We can all create real change by simply standing up for our beliefs—I’m honored to be a part of this day that invites youth to stand up, inspire change and celebrate their amazing accomplishments.”

It’s amazing what kids throughout this country are doing to make a difference. Food and clothing drives, volunteering, raising money for organizations…everything matters. Kudos to these kids that will be in attendance at WE Day Illinois for their great work over the past school year…I’m sure they’ll keep it up!



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