Ellen DeGeneres Pays Off a Sudan Refugee’s Student Loan Debt

Ellen helps pay off Muslim refugee’s student debt entertainment 1x1.trans

Ellen DeGeneres is always giving back to others on her talk show, and she was able to help another special guest in a big way!

Ekhlas Ahmed, a refugee from Darfur, Sudan, didn’t know much of English when she first came to the States. After misreading a sign and getting off at the wrong bus stop on her first day of school and wandering around for eight hours, she was determined to learn. Ekhlas studied hard at school and at home, but also used Ellen’s show as well to learn English.
Ekhlas not only learned the language, but went on to grad school and is now teaching English herself to other multilingual students up in Maine. She sent a letter to Ellen just thanking her for helping her to learn English.

Ellen was so moved by Ekhlas’ story that she invited the teacher on the show, and presented her with a check for $22,000 to pay off her student loans!

Watch the heartwarming moment below!

I love Ellen so much. Literally wish I could meet her and be friends! She’s truly a giving person, and Ehklas is one of many lives that Ellen has been able to touch through her show. Happy that Ehklas has been able to grow in her learning and help others as well…and super glad she’s free of that overbearing student loan debt!

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