America Ferrera Talks Finding Balance, Representing Women and Staying True To Herself

Actress and activist America Ferrera stuns of the March cover of Redbook in bright pink and red. In her cover story, she chats about finding balance, representing women and Latinas while staying true to herself, and so much more.

Check out the highlights from the Redbook interview below:

On finding balance:
When I was younger, I felt like everything was make or break. In my career and my relationships, there was a right way or a wrong way—and I had to fit into the right box. I’ve let go of those narrow definitions and found a balance.

On stepping up and taking chances in Hollywood:
We talk about a lot of things we want to see more women doing. We want more women producers, more women writers, more women directors– and you can only say that so many times before you say, ‘I’m a woman. What’s stopping me from doing this?’ I’ve had to ask myself: Why not me?

On representing women and Latinas while staying true to herself:
It is true that I represent women, and it is true that I represent Latinas, but it’s also true that I’m myself. My successes and my failures don’t have to have this enormous weight on them; they can just be mine. Whatever moves you forward, focus on it. Whatever handicaps you or paralyzes you, that’s the thing to get rid of.

On how there’s more to a woman’s value than her appearance:
I grew up believing a lot of things about myself that I had to unlearn– things that pertain to being a good woman, things about my weight or height… As women, you’re taught that your value is all about your appearance, not your ideas and your tenacity and your courage and your bravery and your adventurous spirit. Look, I love getting dressed up and looking beautiful. But that’s one tiny piece of me.

Image via Redbook

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