Meghan Markle Completes Powerful Charity Mission to India with World Vision

Meghan Markle
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Meghan Markle continues to fight for women’s rights around the world, just finishing up a powerful mission to India!

This month, the actress and philanthropist visited poverty-stricken areas of the country with international charity World Vision. While there, she was able to learn more about and discuss the issues affecting women there, including education, hygiene, health care, and more.

“World Vision’s Global Ambassador Meghan Markle was in India on an experiential learning mission to highlight key issues facing girls living in poverty. As a strong advocate for gender equality, Markle has worked closely with World Vision to create a trip specifically focusing on and bringing awareness to girls’ lack of access to education,” a World Vision spokesperson told Us Weekly. “She engaged with local activists and educators to help ensure girls felt equipped and safe to attend school, and worked to improve access to girls’ latrines, the lack thereof being a significant problem for 63 million teenage girls in India. World Vision, a relief, development and advocacy organization, has been active in India since 1951.”

A huge issue in India for women is hygiene. Over 85 percent of the 355 million women in India resort to unsafe alternative sanitary products, which can lead to infections and other diseases. Also,  currently, 47 percent of India’s schools have no bathrooms. So girls have to go outside, which is not only embarrassing as a woman, but dangerous to their safety and overall health. Sadly, that’s why 23 percent of girls drop out of school after beginning their menstrual cycles. That’s truly heartbreaking to think about. These are facts that many do not know or think about. I know I didn’t.

However, Meghan was able to talk to various leaders in the country during her five day trip to continue to create change. World Vision as well has been installing facilities for women and families and run campaigns to bring awareness to hygiene in India, which is awesome!

Meghan herself has been working as an ambassador for World Vision for quite some time, facing global issues and using her platform to make a difference. In fact, she went down to Rwanda in March of last year to visit the kids and communities there for the organization’s clean water campaign.

Stories like this truly remind you to be grateful, but also that these other communities worldwide need help. It’s awesome that Meghan and other celebrities are involved, but we can help where we can too! Start by visiting World Vision’s website to learn more about their mission, donate to their cause, and even sign up to be a volunteer with the charity.


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