Idris Elba Is Looking For a Special Valentine to Raise Money for Charity


Ladies, this is not a drill. With plans to give back to charity, Idris Elba is looking for a special date this Valentine’s Day! And it could be YOU!

In a video that has women drooling, Idris announced that he wants one special woman to be his Valentine this year. “That’s right, love, just you and me. No one else around. Just us,” the actor says in the video. “For dessert, you can have whatever you want, and I mean whatever you want. Candy hearts is just the beginning.”

Turns out the actor is raising money for Omaze’s “W.E. Can Lead” initiative, which works toward making sure girls across Africa have equal access to education and leadership opportunities.

So how does one win this date? You can enter a lottery by going to the Omaze website, and donating towards this great cause. One dollar basically gets you 10 entries. So $10 would get you 100 entries, $25 for 250 entries and so on.

Watch Idris in all his glory below, and go enter NOW!

This was such a perfect idea for Omaze to team up with Idris. This man is just gorgeous…and that accent?! Some lucky lady will really get to have a nice date with this man, and the “W.E. Can Lead” initiative will benefit. It’s a win win!

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