Neil Patrick Harris Hosts Christmas Pop Up Event to Support Tree Farmers


Neil Patrick Harris was spotted on the streets of NYC this week in support of real Christmas trees to support our country’s tree farmers!

In a surprise pop-up event, Neil popped out of an outdoor, Christmas-themed living room, complete with a beautiful Christmas tree and nutcracker, as the tree and nutcracker shockingly talked it up with people that passed by. Neil himself turned out to be the voice of the Christmas tree, and he ended up giving away some early Christmas presents too!

The event was set up to promote The Christmas Tree Promotion Board‘s campaign It’s Christmas. Keep It Real, stressing the importance of consumers buying real trees this holiday season. The campaign aims to raise “awareness of the benefits of a real tree and [support] our nation’s tree farmers, importers and industry partners,” according to a release.

Neil told Mashable that he really liked the initiative and was glad to be a part of it. “I was under the assumption that having a real tree was somehow harmful to the environment, and yet the opposite is true. For trees in America, for every one that is cut down, farmers plant three more,” he said.

“And with the plastic artificial trees that are dumped in landfills, they’re in there for a thousand years. So I didn’t really think of it in that way. And I love it. I love the real tree idea. I love the holidays,” the actor added. “With kids now, we’re real big fans of cookies and fires and smells, and nothing says that more than a real tree, right?”

During the event, Neil also surprised a couple with a pair of Hamilton tickets and four Lion King tickets to twin sisters and their mom! Definitely an awesome Christmas surprise.

Like Neil, I never considered that having real trees would actually be more beneficial than having a fake tree. I always thought about animals losing their homes and other effects cutting down these trees for Christmas might have, but this initiative is definitely something interesting to read more about. It’s cool that Neil decided to take part in it, and gave away those great tickets too!


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