Michelle Williams Talks Broadway And Living An Authentic Life With Elle Magazine


Actress Michelle Williams stuns on the January issue of ELLE in a cozy Michael Kors Collection sweater and a bold red lip. Amongst all the Oscar-buzz surrounding her latest performance in Manchester By The Sea, Williams sat down with ELLE to chat about living an authentic life, drawing boundaries for herself, and the newfound confidence and courage she’s acquired from her Broadway performances.

The January issue also kick off ELLE’s special year-long report on the state of shopping in 2017 and explains to readers why it has never been a more fun time to shop – think champagne at the press of a button or even phone charging stations. The package offers everything from reviews on the personal shopper experience to a survey about the complicated way we as consumers feel about shopping.


How the tabloid onslaught made it impossible to experience an authentic life:
“If you feel like people are watching you, it’s impossible to have an authentic experience of being alive,” Williams says. “There’s a performative aspect and a guardedness, and that’s just death. I don’t know how to live like that, and I don’t know how to give a life to my child like that.”

On how she’s naturally open but learned to set boundaries for herself:
“It’s not naturally my inclination to be a boundary draw-er,” she says, shutting her eyes and pinching the bridge of her nose. “I’m like, ‘Open up all the doors and the windows and let everybody in.’ That’s the aim of my work, too.” But this isn’t acting. “It’s been a really, really long time since I’ve been in an interview. But I have better boundaries now. I feel less susceptible to emotional wreck-diving to come up with explanations for everything.”

On the inspiration that drove her Oscar-worthy performance in Manchester by the Sea:
“Everybody talks about the silences in movies and how interesting they are but it’s a lot easier than connecting beat to beat, line to line, inside of a scene in real time in front of a thousand people. But when I went to make [Manchester by the Sea], I felt a little bit more freedom, more access inside of myself.”

Credit: Elle magazine

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