Madonna Raises Over $7.5 Million for Malawi with Charity Auction and Concert

Jun Sato/WireImage

Madonna raised HUGE money for the African nation of Malawi over the weekend with a special charity auction and concert!

The iconic singer raised over $7.5 million for the people of Malawi, auctioning off special treasures of her own on Dec. 2 during Art Basel Miami Beach for a pretty steep price! Madonna offered up some pieces from her personal art collection, a costume from her tour which was modeled by Ariana Grande, and even black and white photos from her 1985 wedding to ex-husband Sean Penn! In fact, those pics ended up selling for $230,000.

Other items up for auction included a Damien Hirst painting, a private performance by magician David Blaine, who was also at the event, and a weeklong stay at Leonardo DiCaprio‘s home in Palm Springs, which got a whopping $140,000. Another big sell was a print by artist Tracey Emin from Madonna’s personal art collection, which sold for $550,000.

The charity auction was definitely a party too, with Madonna even hitting the stage for an hour-long concert! It was filled with some pretty crazy moments too, like her ex-husband Sean handcuffing her and crawling through her legs at one point and her liplocking with Ariana! The singer also repeatedly criticized Donald Trump as well, and spoke about the plight of Native Americans in this country before singing “American Life.” “It just really makes me feel ashamed, ashamed to be an American, ashamed to be a human being really,” she admitted on stage.The star-studded night lasted until early Saturday, with celebs including Leo, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, James Corden, and Courtney Love in attendance.

Though it sounds like it was a wild and crazy night, Madonna didn’t lose focus of what they were really there for. Malawi is a place near and dear to her heart, as she adopted her 11-year-old son David from an orphanage in Malawi over a decade ago. During the night, Madonna played pictures of the nation, hoping to build  a pediatric surgery and intensive care unit at a hospital there through her organization, Raising Malawi.

Kudos to Madonna and her team for raising such a incredible amount of money!


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