Emma Stone and Simone Biles Present Full Scholarships at THR’s Women in Entertainment Breakfast

The Hollywood Reporter

Emma Stone, Simone Biles and The Hollywood Reporter just made dreams come true this week, giving away FULL college scholarships!

At THR’s Women in Entertainment (WIE) breakfast on Dec. 7, Emma and Simone took to the stage to  present scholarships to underserved high school girls in the news organization’s WIE Mentorship program.  It’s a four year old tradition between  Loyola Marymount University and THR, who entered into a partnership to give away two full scholarships, each worth more than $200,000!

Simone presented the first scholarship, from actor-producer Don Johnson, business manager Laura Lizer and executive producer-financier Chris Savino through 1-2-3 Go! Entertainment,  went to program participant Laura Bourne, who will attend LMU in the fall. Emma gave away the second,  the Chuck Lorre Family Foundation Scholarship, came from TV producer behind The Big Bang Theory and lead board member Trisha Cardoso. That scholarship went to mentee Liliana Medina.

But there was one more surprise in store — another scholarship from Chuck Lorre! Emma said, “When Trisha told Chuck about the two finalists for his scholarship, he listened and said, ‘These girls are amazing. We’re going to give both of them scholarships.'” So Simone was able to present yet another scholarship to Delia Corrales!

Watch the presentation of the awards below!

It’s truly incredible that THR and all of these different women in entertainment are working to make a difference in the lives of these young ladies each year. 105 girls and 105 mentors have taken part in this special mentorship program over its 8 years, and almost 100 percent of the girls have gone on to attend college! It’s truly an amazing opportunity for these girls to be able to be mentored by others who already work in the business, so that they can learn from them both professionally and personally. Congrats to all of the scholarship recipients!

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