Vlogger Dulce Candy Reveals What She Is Grateful For


Beauty Vlogger Dulce Candy is featured in the Winter 2016 issue of Parents Latina magazine.

Dulce Candy has had her ups and downs on the road to becoming one of YouTube’s most famous beauty vloggers. As she prepared to expand her family and personal brand, she reveals all that she’s thankful for.


Via Parents magazine:

I’m grateful for…
A mother who would risk everything just to give me a chance at a better life.
“I was born in Michaoacan, Mexico. My mom stayed at home with me and my sisters, while my dad worked as a banker. In 1991, he decided to come to America, because he saw greater opportunities for us here. He went to work on a farm in California and could come home only 4 days out of every year to see us. That was really challenging for my mom. I remember seeing her cry a lot.”

I’m grateful for…
I learned to love myself before it was too late.
“I grew up in a trailer park in Oxnard, California, where most of the other kids were immigrants as well. Though my mom always told I was beautiful, I didn’t feel it. All my clothes were from Goodwill, and I had braces. Between my teeth, brown skin and textured hair, I never had anyone to relate to.”

I’m grateful for…
Near misses.
“When I was 18, after graduating from high school, I joined the Army because I had no money for college. Even though I wasn’t a citizen yet, like I am now, I wanted to serve my country. Soon after I enlisted, I went to Iraq, where I spent 15 months. I was a mechanic and convoy driver, and every day we’d escort high-ranking officials from Camp Victory to the Green Zone. I was fearless – until we got attacked.”

I’m grateful for…
Finding my partner, in everything.
“I met my husband at Ford Hood. We were in the same unit, and he was the only boy who wasn’t giving me any attention, so all I tried to do was catch his eye. Our unit shipped out to Kuwait, and that’s where we fell in love – over meals in the dining facility.”

I’m grateful for…
A son who lives in the moment even if I don’t get to share all of them with him.
“The hardest part of being a working mom is the guilt. If I have to go away for work for a few days, Izek acts a little different when I come home and it hurts my heart, My mom always tell me there are sacrifices you have to make, but I don’t want to sacrifice my family for my work, so I’m trying to find a balance right now.”

I’m grateful for…
Backup plans.
“We’ve always wanted a big family, but we’ve been trying to give Izek a brother or sister for 5 years now. That’s been hard. Everything looks good health-wise, and we’re young still, so I think it’s going to happen when the timing is right. In the meantime, we’ve started the process to become foster parents. I know I’ll be happy with any child God wants to put in my life.”

I’m grateful to…
Have found my purpose.
“With all that’s happening in the world lately, it’s become harder for me to sit in my room and talk about makeup. I’m definitely struggling with that a little bit. I don’t exactly know where my life is headed next, but I do know in 2 years, my YouTube channel will look totally different. Whatever happens, I know this: Life is too short to not fulfill your dreams.”

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