Steven Tyler Will Receive the Humanitarian Award at UN Ambassadors’ Ball

Musician Steven Tyler will receive the 2016 Humanitarian Award at the United Nations' Ambassadors' Ball in December honoring his philanthropy: Janie's Fund.

Steven Tyler is set to receive the Humanitarian Award at this year’s UN Ambassadors’ Ball on Dec. 3!

The Hospitality Committee for United Nations Delegations chose Steven because of his partnership with organization Youth Villages through his own Janie’s Fund. Janie’s Fund was created by Steven in 2015 to help girls who have unfortunately gone through abuse and neglect and are being helped by Youth Villages. In its first year, Janie’s Fund has gotten supported from all over the world, with close to $2 million in contributions.  This year, the charity will help Youth Villages to provide more than 18,000 days of care to girls in need, directly helping more than 300 girls.

“As a father to three daughters, a son, and, now a grandfather, it broke my heart to learn that each year in America alone 700,000 children are victims of serious abuse or neglect and 68,000 will be sexually abused,” the rockstar said of starting the organization. “All abuse is wrong — verbal, physical, sexual, emotional. We need to have better ways as parents to help our children and support them. Way too many kids are experiencing abuse, and we want to change that. Enough is enough.”

“In choosing this year’s recipient, we searched diligently to find the humanitarian whose efforts are in harmony with the Secretary General, who will be saluted at this year’s Ambassadors’ Ball as his decade of UN leadership ends on December 31,” said Mel Gee Henderson, HCUND co-chair. “We came to realize Steven Tyler is not only a gifted composer and musician with a great big voice but a soul with an even bigger heart who sincerely wants to help those suffering from the horrific pain of abuse.”

Steven has definitely been able to make a great impact with his idea for Janie’s Fund. Hoping that it continues to grow and change the lives of young girls! Congrats to him on this great honor!


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