Zac Efron, Chris Hemsworth and Other Male Stars Get Polished to Fight Against Child Violence

Zac Efron/Instagram

Famous guys like Zac Efron and Chris Hemsworth are rocking nail polish for a cause: to bring awareness to and end child violence!

In a joint effort with organization Polished Man, Zac, Chris, and so many more are polishing their nails and showcasing their manis online to bring light to this issue.  “Happy to paint one nail and be a @PolishedMan this month to say no to violence against children,” Zac shared on Instagram. “1 in 5 children are subject to physical and/or sexual violence before the age of 18 and that’s one too many. Find out how you can help/donate at”

The #PolishedMan challenge gets stars and other guys to nominate other gents to proudly rock some polish! Zac himself nominated James Marsden, Hugh Jackman and Andy Bovine to go along with him!


Chris Hemsworth also went along with the challenge, showing off his muscles and one bright, polished. fingernail.


According to the Polished Man website, being a Polished Man “means you don’t turn your back on the vulnerable. You raise  your voice—and nail—to say, ‘not on my watch’. You embrace the smirks and know it doesn’t matter; there are worse things than being embarrassed by a little mani.” The idea was sparked by a little girl who was being physically and sexually abused while she stayed in an orphanage. After meeting and bonding with YGAP founder Elliot Costello, she painted his nail and said goodbye. That inspired him to raise awareness to violence against children through nail polish! The campaign brought about almost 7,000 Instagram posts so far this year with the hashtag and raised over $300,000 back in 2015.

Ladies, you can get in on the #PolishedMan challenge too! Rally around the guys in your life, paint their nails a pretty color, and let social media know that you prefer a #PolishedMan.” You can also rock some great polish yourself!

Feel free to donate to Polished Man here. Donations go toward trauma recovery and trauma prevention programs for children around the world who have either gone through or are at risk of violence. It’s a truly amazing and important cause for children everywhere, and it’s great that male stars are getting into it!



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