Michael B. Jordan, Danny Glover and More Star in Stirring PSA Blasting Police Brutality Against Black People

Against The Wall

Michael B. Jordan, Danny Glover and more were recently featured in a powerful PSA to continue to fight against police brutality in America.

The PSA is actually the beginning of a short film titled Against the Wall, created by directors Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz. The film showcases the many cases of police violence against black people specifically in this country.  It’s in collaboration with social justice nonprofit Sankofa (founded by singer and actor Harry Belafonte), is an attempt to further ignite a conversation around police brutality in the U.S.

In this short clip, Michael, Danny, and other stars and activists like Michael K. Williams, Marc Lamont Hill, and Sophia Dawson are seen literally pressed up against the wall as 911 calls and broadcasts from now widely-known cases of unjust deaths of black people are played in the background.

“There’s a real suspicious guy. This guy looks like he’s up to no good or he’s on drugs or something,” we hear from George Zimmerman’s 911 call before he shot and killed Trayvon Martin. Michael, as the other stars do, stares intently in the camera throughout the call, showing audiences the fear and pain that many in the black community are going through simply because of what they look like.


Check out the moving clip below!

“We thought it would prove powerful to place these celebrated people in the same positions that too many within the black community face — being forced against the wall, hands up, on the ground and eventually shot dead by police,” Gerard said in a press release. “You can see and feel the same pain, bewilderment, fear, humiliation in the faces of these celebrated people, as you could imagine would have been on the faces of the victims themselves.”

Before the clip ends, the words “Black Is Not A Weapon” appear on the screen. It’s powerful because it calls others to check their prejudice against black people, particularly the police. Though this is particularly surrounding the black community, it’s a reminder to us all that the color of someone’s skin, black, white, brown, whatever, is no reason to automatically assume the worst of anyone, and go after them in any way.

However, black people have especially been facing this for many, many years, and it is often thrown under the rug. This topic must continue to be openly discussed and broadcast so that real change can take place in this country. We’ve come a long way, but we still have so far to go.


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