Chris Meloni, Blair Underwood and More Star in PSA Against Sexual Assault


Chris Meloni, Blair Underwood and more male actors are featured in a new PSA against sexual assault.

“Boys will be boys.” Those are the words echoed by Chris, Blair, along with Tate DonovanAnthony EdwardsAndre BeaugherDann Flores and Danny Pino in a new PSA against sexual assault.  In the short clip, the guys repeatedly use the phrase. At the end we see this message: “Enough. Together we can raise a generation of boys to respect women and girls.”

Check out the short PSA below!

The simple PSA is in connection with Marisky Hargitay‘s Joyful Heart Foundation, which helps support survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse. Those four words are yet another excuse to try to justify acts of sexual violence against women, and the PSA aims to bring more awareness to that and other excuses often said in these cases. Enough really is enough. Kudos to these guys for standing up against this even with this short PSA!


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