Emma Watson Speaks Out on Gender Equality in New Short Video


Emma Watson continues to use her voice and influence to speak out on important global issues, including the importance of gender equality!

The actress and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador recently narrated a short video entitled, “Hurdles,” which speaks out on the hurdles that women have had to jump over in past years, and the barriers they are still trying to break through.


The video, with Emma’s narration, also uses footage from the women’s 100m hurdles at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics as well as Sia’s smash hit “Chandelier.” It’s a simple, yet powerful and inspiring video, as the fight towards equal rights for women continues.

Definitely awesome to see Emma continue to speak out the way she does! Obviously, she has a major platform with her film work, but also uses that influence to make a change globally.

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  1. It is sad that there are still some places in the world where women are treated as inferior to men. I love Emma’s campaign to push for equality. Every little effort to effect change really matters!

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