Viola Davis Speaks Out Against Childhood Hunger in Powerful PSA

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Viola Davis is continuing the fight against childhood hunger!

The actress serves as the ambassador for Hunger Is, a joint initiative between the Albertsons Foundation and the Entertainment Industry Foundation focused on ending childhood hunger. Through the charity, Viola starred in a powerful PSA detailing why this issue is so near and dear to her heart. “Growing up, I was among the 1 in 5 American kids who struggled with hunger,” she revealed. “And hungry mornings make tired days.”

Check out the PSA below!


Viola grew up not always knowing where her next meal was coming from, and that impacted her life greatly. Hunger definitely affected her energy in school, as well as the kids of today, so it’s important that this problem is continuing to be highlighted.

Hunger Is hopes to make 5 million more breakfast for hungry kids in America through donations and volunteers. With her star power, Viola has already helped to raise over $12.5 million in the last three years through the organization.

It’s incredibly moving that Viola is using her platform and her own story to make an impact through Hunger Is! No child, in America or anywhere else, should have to worry about if he is going to eat or not today. You can donate to the cause here.

Image via Hunger Is


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  1. The statistics of hungry children around the world is really painful and everyone of us have to step in to do something to help them in need. The“Hunger Is” campaign sounds really amazing and I love that Viola Davis is doing a great job in raising some huge funds for a great cause.

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