Prince Harry Helps to Save Over 200 Elephants in Africa

Prince Harry

Prince Harry is truly dedicated to the conservation of animals, and has reached out his hand to now help elephants in Africa!

Earlier in the month, Prince Harry visited Malawi to assist with the 500 Elephants initiative, which aims to help reduce habitat pressures, ease human-wildlife conflict and boost elephant populations where a lot of poaching happens. During the mission, the royal helped move 262 elephants to safety!


“He is amazing and down to earth. He is very social but a respectable gentleman. We ate together at the camp and we camped in the same grounds – this is unique for someone of his status,” Patricio Ndadzela, country director for the nonprofit conservation body African Parks in Malawi said to PEOPLE.

Conservation is something that Prince Harry is very passionate about! He’s assisted with helping to move over 1,500 antelope and buffalo, as well as putting tagging collars on rhinos and lions in the hopes to keep them safe. It’s really cool that he actively gets involved versus just sending a check or tweeting something. Glad that he was able to be a part of this great initiative to help the elephants in Africa!



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