The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Awards Grants to 79 Nonprofit Organizations

Christopher and Dana Reeve

Christopher & Dana Reeve‘s memories live on through their foundation, which has awarded grants to 79 nonprofits dedicated to improving quality of life for those with illnesses or disabilities!

The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation recently awarded $575,704 in Quality of Life grants, which go on to support these organizations that fit the mold of what the Reeve Foundation is all about! The foundation focuses on community engagement, independence, and self-determination for those living with paralysis, like Christopher, who became paralyzed from the neck down after a horseback riding accident in 1995.

The grants are given out twice a year. Some of the awardees included the Disability Action Center (Moscow, IN),  Commonwealth Community Care (Boston, MA), Virtual Photo Walks (Washington, DC), and Operation Ward 57 (Seattle, WA). Since the creation of the foundation in 1999, over 2,700 grants have been awarded, totaling over $20 million!

“Awarding over $20 million in Quality of Life grants to thousands of nonprofits is a thrilling milestone for the Reeve Foundation,” said Maggie Goldberg, Vice President of Policy and Programs, Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. “This program has become a cornerstone of the Paralysis Resource Center, and we are excited to continually expand the Quality of Life grants with new opportunities such as our High Impact Innovative Assistive Technology grants and by awarding more grants to serve areas where people are medically underserved.”

Christopher passed away in October 2004 after going into cardiac arrest due to an antibiotic fighting an infection. Dana passed away less than two years later in March 2006 from lung cancer. However, their work and memories are still being honored through those who work with this great organization!

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  1. It is such a heartwarming deed to start a foundation that would help others in desperate need. It makes me sad that this wonderful couple passed away already, however, their legacy of good will lives on. I hope others would follow their lead in spreading kindness!

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