Celebrities Denounce Police Violence in #SomedayIsToday Campaign


Celebs have come together in a moving and thought-provoking campaign speaking out against police violence!

In a video directed by filmmaker Tommy Oliver and hosted by racial justice action group Campaign Zero, a group of actors and actresses from Meagan Good and Larenz Tate to Tika Sumpter and Boris Kudjoe recite the words to protest song “We Shall Overcome.” The song is a fighting song from back during the Civil Rights Movement that states that “we shall overcome someday,” in terms of the plight of black people in America.

As the celebrities emotionally deliver the lyrics to this song, you think about how this song was heard back in the 60s and yet is still relatable today in 2016, as black people have been unjustly arrested, injured, and even killed at the hands of police. In terms of “overcoming,” Actress Aja Naomi King asks at the very end, “When is ‘someday?'” prompting the hashtag #SomedayIsToday.

Watch the campaign video below!

The #SomedayIsToday campaign is pushing to continue the discussion and actions towards racial justice in America. It’s very powerful to watch, and continues to highlight this important issue in our nation.

Image via Mashable

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