Britney Spears Auctioning VMA Perfomance Outfit to Raise Funds for Louisiana Flood Victims


Britney Spears is giving back to her home state of Louisiana in the midst of the state’s disastrous flooding!

Collaborating with the American Red Cross and Crowd Rise to raise money to support flood victims, Britney is offering fans a chance to win her outfit from her performance at the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards or a flight to New York to attend the show and meet her in person! For every $10 a person donates, they will get one entry to win!

Of course, the flooding that hit southeastern Louisiana has had devastating results, damaging over 60,000 homes, displacing over 100,000 people, and taking the lives of at least 13.

With Britney being from Kentwood, LA, it’s great to see her using her influence to help those in need back around where she grew up! Hoping that this campaign raises a lot of money and makes a great impact for Louisiana and its people. Continued thoughts and prayers are with them.

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