Kristen Bell Talks Social Media and Depression In August’s Redbook

For Redbook’s August cover, the gorgeous Kristen Bell stuns in a bright floral prints and a bold red lip. In her cover story, she dishes on the importance of being real in the social media age, the upside to revealing her battle with depression and why she and hubby Dax Shepard work so well as couple.


via Redbook:

On the importance of being real in the age of social media:
“In the age of social media, when you can edit your life in beautiful pictures, it’s important to remind moms that all of us are wearing yogurt and all of our hands smell like urine. When you present an unrealistic idea of perfection to people, it’s not fair.”

The upside of revealing her battle with depression:
“It didn’t occur to me that I would help anybody. Also, I didn’t expect to be so moved by people’s comments on social media about how they had been prescribed medication and never wanted to take it until now because it finally didn’t feel shameful. You’re labeled as a failure if you can’t kick depression. That’s bulls–t. You would never deny a diabetic his insulin and go, “Why can’t you process sugar on your own?”

How she and Dax work so well as a couple:
“We fought a lot and I loved a dramatic exit. It I could slam a door, I felt so powerful. If I could get in my car and screech away, it was even better…. He said to me, “If we have an issue, you can’t leave. We’re going to talk or I’m not going to do this with you.” I loved him so much that I was like, I better get my act together.”

On watching Game of Thrones with Dax:
“He would rather I sleep with another man [than watch Game of Thrones without him], I swear to God!”

On whether Dax ever gets jealous of other men:
“Every now and again, but he layers it in comedy. When I get ready for a red-carpet event, he’ll say, “Don’t get too confident tonight and think of leaving me!” I’m like, “You’re lucky that nobody at this party is going to be as interesting as you are!”


  1. She is such a great actress and I just love her and Dax together. They make such a wonderful couple.

  2. She sounds so down to Earth in the article. I don’t think fame’s gone to her head a bit, and hurrah for any celebrity who uses their fame for good.

  3. Kristen Bell is such a beautiful actor & the interview sounds quiet amazing. I agree with her on how she takes the importance of being real in the age of Social Media as it has a huge impact on everyone, particularly a celebrity’s life!

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