Bon Jovi Surprises Fan Fighting Stage 4 Lung Cancer at His Restaurant

bon jovi fan

One huge Bon Jovi fan got the surprise of a lifetime when her hero surprised her during dinner!

Carol Cesario, who is currently battling stage 4 lung cancer, bursts into tears as the legendary artist surprised her while she was dining with family and friends at Bon Jovi’s own restaurant. “He’s so down to earth,” Carol said to . “It’s just unbelievable… it’s made my life.”

Carol’s own daughter, Rosie Skripkunis, planned the surprise to boost her mother’s spirits as she battles this cancer.  After she was diagnosed, Carol’s friends and family would post different Bon Jovi gifs, pictures and songs on her Facebook page, “Carol Kicking Cancers Ass,” trying to cheer her up.

Rosie even went as far as to try to get Bon Jovi to meet her mom, posting a picture of Carol holding a sign that read, “Please share so I can meet Bon Jovi.” The post was shared numerous times, eventually making its way to an online community of photographer. One person finally offered to pass along the information, and the singer’s publicist reached out to Rosie to plan the surprise!

So Rosie brought Carol, their family and friends to visit the artist’s restaurant, JBJ Soul Kitchen, where Bon Jovi came through and shocked Carol! Watch the beautiful surprise below!

Just a small act of kindness like this can mean so much! Carol is continuing to fight, and her tumors are shrinking through chemotherapy. However, she still has a long way to go! Her family has set up a GoFundMe page to help with expenses. Please support if you can!



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