Beyoncé Raised Over $82,000 for Flint Residents Through the Formation World Tour


Sticking true to her word, Beyoncé has  raised a big amount of money with her Formation World Tour to donate to the citizens of Flint, Michigan!

The singer, using a portion of her ticket sales from the tour, was about to raise $82,234 for United Way of Genesee County. Of course, the money is to help with the city’s residents who are in the midst of a huge water crisis.

In addition, 14 Detroit-area high school students were chosen to receive “college gifts” to help with their educational expenses AND were also given tickets to Bey’s concert in Detroit on June 14!

The water crisis in Flint only came to prominence back in April 2014, but the contamination has long been a serious problem. Even though coverage may have died down, we don’t want to forget that this is still ongoing. It’s great that Bey and her team were able to give back to them!

Image via Glamour


  1. Clean water is such a passion of mine – because there are so many people around the world that don’t have any access to clean water. But, to think that people in our own country are facing the same issue is insane to me.

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