Snoop Dogg to Play in Charity Basketball Game

Snoop Dogg and P.K. Subban courtesy of Twitter via @PKSubban1
Snoop Dogg and P.K. Subban courtesy of Twitter via @PKSubban1


On Saturday, June 11th, Snoop Dogg will be joining top Canadian Hockey player, P.K. Subban for a basketball game.  Both will be team captains and will have players from all over the entertainment, music, and sports realm.

Executive producer of Just for Laughs, Jacques Leonard, will be handling the details of the event, and is the one who was there when Snoop Dogg got the idea. When the news reached the pro hockey player, Subban initially assumed it was a prank. That’s until he realized the real Snoop Dogg was calling him.

Leonard described Subban’s excitement to the Montreal Gazette. “Subban got really excited, particularly because he was already a big Snoop fan.”

The tickets can soon be purchased at the Just for Laughs website. Subban will be donating his funds raised from the game to Montreal Children’s Hospital foundation and Snoop Dogg will be donating his Youth Football League foundation.


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