Shakira Designs Bald Doll to Raise Money for Children with Cancer


Shakira has given back to charity and children with cancer in a special, creative way!

In collaboration with Spain-based charity, the Juegaterapia Foundation, the singer has designed a bald baby doll that will provide some comfort and confidence to those kids who have lost their hair!

Shakira tweeted a photo of the big-eyed, freckled-faced doll, which is wearing a kiss covered bandana designed by the star. “Shak designed this peach for @juegaterapia to help sick kids and it’s available at babypelones!,” she wrote in Spanish to her followers.

Purchases of the doll will go to Juegaterapia, which raises funds and builds hospital gardens for kids suffering from pediatric cancer to play in. It’s truly a beautiful concept and doll! Hopefully it makes a big difference in children’s lives.


  1. What a lovely idea! I worked with pediatric cancer patients several years ago. It amazing the strength and courage they exhibit.

  2. I love Shakira so much & when celebrities like her step-in to giving back to the community it has a great response for sure. That bald doll is absolutely cute & it is great that fund will go to children with cancer.

  3. Most of us have been affected by cancer in our families throughout our lives. I love that Shakira has come up with this to give support to those suffering from this horrible disease.

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