Denzel Washington and Wife Pauletta Help Raise Millions for African-American Museum

Denzel Washington & Pauletta Washington

Denzel Washington and his wife Pauletta have raised a huge amount of money for the upcoming Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture!

The couple held an event at their Los Angeles home on May 7 in order to raise money for the highly-anticipated museum in D.C., which is set to open on September 24. The event raised over $17 million, including a $10 million pledge from Shonda Rhimes!
“There is such a historical significance to this project,’’ Denzel said. “It means so much for our community, our country and to future generations.’’ Pauletta added, “In this climate where so much money is being raised for the Presidency and The White House, it is incredible to have the support we received. It’s good knowing that even with so much going on, people are committed to making sure that this museum is successful.’’
The museum will focus on the African American culture with various exhibits, events and more, showcasing how African-Americans helped shape American culture. It’s a project near and dear to the heart of President Barack Obama, who hoped to see the museum completed before he leaves office. Looks like he’ll get his wish!

It’s awesome that the Washingtons wanted to donate to this museum, which I know will be very educational and inspiring to many. Being a resident of the Washington Metropolitan area, I’m excited to see the various exhibits!

Image via The Grio

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