Chris Evans Surprises Kid Volunteers at ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Charity Screening

The actor surprised kid volunteers on May 4 in NYC, celebrating a particular fan,  Archie Silverstein. Archie, who turns 13 this month, selflessly donated his bar mitzvah gift money to the charity CelebrateU, which throws birthday parties for kids in shelters. “Buddy, you’re a real champion,” Chris said to Archie. “I heard what you did — I think that’s really heroic.”

Taking pics and giving out Captain America toys to the kids, Chris definitely shocked everyone. It was really great to see, and Chris admitted that his role in the film was worth it, just to see kids and other fans so excited. “Knowing that the role, though demanding and though heavy with responsibility, you get that type of reaction and it’s all worth it,” he told the Daily News.

Check out highlights from the surprise below!

Image via Graae for New York Daily News

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