Olivia Wilde Partners with H&M, Speaks Out on Environmentally-Conscious Clothing

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Olivia Wolfe is the official spokesperson for H&M’s upcoming Conscious Exclusive collection, and had a few words to say about fashion consumption and its effects on the environment!

The actress and cofounder of ethically focused creative agency Conscious Commerce spoke to Mashable about conscious clothing and what it means for our world. “For me conscious just means ‘with awareness. It’s having some knowledge of whatever it is you’re dealing with. Now we are eating more consciously because we’re wondering where things are coming from,” she explained. “In terms of fashion, it’s wondering how something was made, what was used to make it, who made it and what can I do to be less wasteful when I get rid of it. Consciousness is just living with a little bit more awareness.”

We don’t truly consider how our clothing and other products that we use daily are created and the impact that it could have on us. “The exception is when we are taking care of our children,” Olivia stated. “Something I’ve really been paying attention to since becoming a mother is that when we shop for our kids we immediately think of organic clothing. It seems that no one would think of putting their baby in a non-organic onesie or on a non-organic mattress, and yet for ourselves, it’s like we don’t give a shit. We’ll just put on anything, sleep on a mattress covered in flame retardant; we don’t care. What would happen if we treated ourselves like we treat our kids?”

Sadly, waste is often a common side effect when it comes to mass production, and several brands have been criticized for their labor practices and toxic emissions. H&M itself now requires manufacturing partners  throughout Europe and Asia to sign a Sustainability Commitment, which details expectations for fair wages, environmental performance and standards regarding animal welfare. This program and new line is hopefully the start of other companies following suit and working towards sustainability.

Image via Brian Ach/Getty Images for H&M

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  1. I am glad to hear that H&M is trying to be more sustainable. I think it’s important to speak up about things like this, so good for Olivia Wilde.

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