Ellie Goulding’s MacroBar Is Good For You


GoMacro is thrilled to announce a new partnership with British Singer-Songwriter Ellie Goulding. It all started when Ellie, a long-time GoMacro fan posted about her love for MacroBars on Instagram. Soon after, wheels started turning between Ellie’s team and GoMacro and a partnership was born.

Quick facts about Ellie’s MacroBar (Coconut + Almond Butter + Chocolate Chips):
– A portion of the proceeds go to support the homeless (Streets of London & Stand up for Kids)
– Part of a larger partnership between Ellie + GoMacro ( Ellie is a long-time GoMacro fan)
-Like all GoMacro products: 100% plant-based, non-GMO, organic, Kosher and free of gluten, soy and dairy

Ellie’s quote on her experience making the bar:
“MacroBars have been my go-to snack after a workout and when I’m on tour. For the new bar, I wanted something that was sweet and a good-source of plant-based protein,” commented Goulding. “I am honored to help create a new product with a company that shares my values of healthy living and giving back.”

Quick facts about the Goulding Ticket sweepstakes:
Grand Prizes:
+VIP tickets for you & a friend to see Ellie perform during her Delirium Tour
+An all-expense paid trip to LA for a one-on-one workout with Ellie
Find details here.
*One US winner and one Canada winner for each

Use this URL to enter: HERE


  1. Not only do the bars sound delicious, I love that they are supporting a good cause. It seems so easy to be able to give back by purchasing these bars.

  2. It’s so nice to see these kinds of things. I love that Prince’s ex is opening a school up in his name.

  3. I love when I see famous people doing great things, and not just one off stuff, but really actively doing something to help others long term.

  4. Those chocolate and coconut bars sound delicious! I usually have terrible eating habits but when I learn about new recipes like this it makes me change it up! Great post

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