David Bowie’s Signed Sheet Music Will be Auctioned Off for Charity

david bowie

Though he’s passed on, David Bowie‘s work is still having impact! His signed sheet music will be auction off as a part of London-based charity sale,  Rumble in the Jumble!
The sale, which will be hosted on May 14 through England organization The Music Circle, will auction off sheet music for David’s song “Blue Jean.” Proceeds will go to Oxfam‘s work to establish better gender equality and create societal change in Myanmar.

The auction will take place on May 14 at east London’s Oval Space. Other items up for sale include a pair of Elton John’s signed Versace sunglasses and other celebrity donations from Annie Lennox, Kate Moss and Mark Ronson.

Hoping that these donations are able to raise a great deal of money and assist with efforts to make positive changes in Myanmar!
Image via Consequence of Sound


  1. I think it is amazing that they are doing this with his signed sheet music. Celebrities should do what they can to help others.

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