Rita Ora Stands for Refugees on WE Day UK

rita ora

Rita Ora spoke to youths about the importance of reaching out to refugees this week in London!

According to Ahlan!,  the singer spoke to young students during WE Day held in London on March 9. The event celebrates the charity work of British students making a difference in their communities.

Rita opened up about her own experience as a refugee in Kosovo, where her parents fled with Rita and her sister, when Rita was only one year old.

“We sought refuge in the U.K. The word refugee carries a lot of prejudice and not everyone is comfortable having refugees settle into their environment. Some people make negative judgements on new immigrants, and others simply turn a blind eye,” Rita said to the students.  “Two of the issues my family faced when we first arrived are ever-present: racism and indifference. Islamophobia is on the rise and some people are making negative judgements on new immigrants and British citizens based on their skin colour, clothing and more.”

The artist encouraged the kids to embrace refugees, rather than judging and shunning them, relating her own experience to the Syrian refugees.  “Many people also feel indifferent to what’s happening – as though the crisis in Syria and the people affected have no connection to all of us,” Rita said. “These attitudes need to change and we can approach this crisis with compassion and care, if we take action, we can help everyone thrive.”

It’s truly wonderful that Rita would use her platform to be able to speak to these kids on this issue. With the UK being her home, I’m sure that the youths were receptive to her message. Hopefully, it makes an impact!

Image via Lia Toby/WENN.com

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