Taylor Swift Donates $1,989 to UCONN’s Charity Dance Marathon

taylor swift

Taylor Swift has donated close to $2,000 University of Connecticut’s annual HuskyTHON charity dance marathon for one of her devoted fans!

According to Billboard, the singer gave $1,989, which reflects the title of her album 1989, to the donation page of Igor Lekontsev, an accounting major at the university. The college student first caught Taylor’s attention after setting up a fan page on Tumblr, and she eventually FaceTimed him this weekend on February 20. “I literally had no idea about her contacting me until she did it,” Igor told The Daily Campus. “I couldn’t have prepared for this two months ago.”

Taylor’s donation and others will benefit the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center as a part of this annual HuskyTHON fundraiser. Organizers believe that over $700,000 will be raised for the facility. Awesome that Taylor gave back for one of her devoted fans!

Image via NPR


  1. Taylor is one of those celebs I don’t really like but I have to admire and give praise to. She sure does lots of good with her hard earned dollars.

  2. This is just amazing when celebrities step in to give back to the society. I think Taylor Swift is doing a great job by setting an example to other celebrities to make sure everyone can help each other.

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