Everything Has Changed For Julianne Hough


Julianne Hough gets real with Redbook magazine for the March issue opening up for readers on her drive, embracing the good and bad times, learning to love what she does and life with her fiancé, hockey player Brooks Laich. When asked, “Are you a feminist?” the 27-year-old, who readily answers the question, responded with, Of course I am! Sharp, introspective, and driven, Redbook uncovers there’s so much more to Julianne than her ridiculously fit body and kewpie-doll looks suggest. Check out the highlights from the Redbook interview below.

Fresh off of her amazing performance on Grease: Live, the much-buzzed about Julianne Hough is the March cover of Redbook magazine. The issue hits newsstands nationwide on February 16th.

Why she’s no longer afraid to tell it like it is:
When I was 21, I did and said things because I wanted to be accepted. But there’s a point where you grow up. Now I’m much more honest with myself and other people.

Why she lets her fiancé Brooks Laich be her “leading man”:
Because of the nature of my career, it’s very easy for me to call the shots and ‘be the man’. So it’s very nice to feel like a strong woman and still have my man be my leading man.

On embracing the good and bad times:
I’ve always been positive. But trust me, I have my days when I just break down and cry—and I don’t even know why I’m crying! I’m all about embracing those times, too. If you never feel sad about anything, there’s nothing dynamic to life—and that’s boring.

On learning to live life and love what you do:
A director once told me, “I’m getting too old for this s–t, so I only want to work with people who are going to make it fun.” That’s true. Life’s too short. I’m not going to bust my butt on a movie just because it’s better for my career if it’s going to make me miserable.


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