Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Travels To Guatemala, Donates Rain Boots To Children In Need


Sadie Robertson of A&E’s Duck Dynasty and ABC’s Dancing with the Stars teamed up with Roma Boots and traveled to Guatemala recently to donate hundreds of rain boots to children in need.

When you purchase a pair of Roma Boots, the company gives one pair of boots to a child in need. Additionally, 10% of sales go towards an educational initiative. The latest “boot drop” with Sadie is a grand step in their ongoing effort to be sure kids never go without shoes. Millions of children throughout the world weather all kinds of conditions barefoot, but Samuel wants to put an end to the dark side of poverty by bringing on smiles and security with Roma Boots.


Samuel was 8 years old when he immigrated from Romania to the United States as a refugee who experienced first-­hand the pain of playing without shoes. He also witnessed the struggles of children who lost their toes due to freezing conditions because they didn’t have proper footwear. At six years old, Samuel got his first pair of rain boots and finally felt comfort when outdoors.


Roma Boots can be found at, Nordstrom and more than 500 boutiques and regional stores around the U.S., along with the U.K., Japan, Germany, South Korea and Canada.

What a great idea! A very nice way for Sadie to give back!

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