Trey Songz Gives Away Gifts to Kids in Hometown For Christmas

trey songz

Trey Songz was spotted giving back for Christmas in his hometown this past week! 

According to ABC News, the singer delivered shoes and gift cards to dozens of kids in his hometown of Petersburg, VA.  Trey’s own charity, Angels with Hearts Foundation, arranged the visit and gift-giving with the city. It allowed him to connect with the kids from his own neighborhood, as he opened up about his own humble beginnings. Trey’s mother, April Tucker, even recalled how she received help from charitable organizations during the holidays as she raised Trey as a young mother. Trey himself was recorded as saying that the children’s glee gave him “an extra sense of joy.”

It’s always good for celebrities to give back, but giving back to one’s own neighborhood gives the citizens there a special sense of happiness and hope. It’s great to hear of Trey’s going back home to spread holiday cheer!

Image via Charity Buzz

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