Madonna Holds Surprise Performance in Honor of Terrorism Victims in Paris


Madonna held a surprise performance in Paris this week, paying tribute to the victims of the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks on the city.

According to Billboard, the singer sang after her Rebel Heart tour stop in the city at the Place De La Republique, where a memorial for the victims stands. Madonna sang “Imagine,” “Ghosttown,” and “Like A Prayer” for the crowd, standing by her son David and guitarist Monte Pittman. “

Everybody knows why we’re here,” she said during her brief performance, according to a report from The Guardian. “We just want to sing a few songs about peace, just to spread love and joy, and to pay our honor and respect to the people who died almost four weeks ago. And to spread light — we all need it.”

Check out Madonna singing “Imagine” below!

This was very sweet and awesome of Madonna. In a city and country where many are hurting and trying to heal, it’s important to show them as much love as possible. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with France.

Image via Madonna/Twitter

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