David Beckham Takes UNICEF Soccer Trip to Nepal and Djibouti


David Beckham was spotted visiting children in Nepal and Djibouti to continue to raise awareness of and funds for UNICEF!

According to PEOPLE, David is currently traveling the globe to play soccer matches in each continent to help benefit the organization. The soccer star, who has served as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for 10 years, first started this soccer tour in Papa New Guinea last Wednesday, visiting Nepal in Asia on Saturday and Djibouti in Africa on Sunday. Globetrotting!

Sharing pictures on Instagram, David visited and posed with children and other residents of both areas during his stay. The “world tour” will be explored in a BBC One documentary, and will also include stops in Buenos Aires, Miami and Antarctica, where he will play soccer games with locals from each community. David will play his final game, the UNICEF Match for Children, at Old Trafford field, home to Manchester United in England, on Nov. 14.

“Whether as a player or out in the field for UNICEF and other charitable partners, I have seen the transformational effect that sport and in particular football has on people’s lives,” David said, according to BBC One. “This epic journey will allow me to show the positive side of the game I love and shine a light on the passion and selflessness of people that play this sport as a force for good.”

This is a great idea for David to combine his love of soccer and love for UNICEF into this tour! Through his ideas and visits, I know he will be continue to help others throughout the world and spread the word about the organization’s mission.

Image via David Beckham


  1. This guy is definitely putting his all into trying to help Unicef and the children they help! It is good to see sports players helping put whenever and however they can.

  2. I’m really glad that celebrities dedicate some of their precious time to raise awareness for important causes. I’m sure kids loved meeting David Beckham.

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