Samuel L. Jackson and Mark Ruffalo Share Photos for Male Breast Cancer Awareness

one for the boys

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month wraps up, Samuel L. Jackson, Mark Ruffalo, and other guy celebs are uhhh…well, whipping out their nipples for male breast cancer awareness!

According to the Houston Chronicle, Sam, Mark and other guys are standing with the cancer organization One For The Boys, which aims to bring educate men about early detection and seeking help when it comes to breast cancer.

Sam and Mark, along with Scottish rugby play Jim Hamilton, shared these pictures to promote the organization’s new initiative #InTheNipOfTime, which encourages male social media users to post pictures of their own nipples to raise awareness of breast cancer in men.

Though the pictures can seem unorthodox and funny, breast cancer is not. We talk more about breast cancer with women, but not as as much with men, though men are, indeed, able to get it. I commend the organization, Sam, and all of the other guys that are getting involved with this initiative to bring awareness to the fellas!

Check out Sam’s video about the cause below!

Image via One For The Boys



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