Leslie Mann: “Everybody Can Look Flawless On Instagram”


Leslie Mann is featured in Redbook’s November Beauty Q&A and I LOVE, love, LOVE what she is teaching her teenage daughters about beauty! Check out highlights from her interview below.

Leslie Mann on what she’s trying to teach her 16 and 13-year-old daughters about beauty:
“That they’re beautiful the way they are. It’s hard with girls today because of social media – everybody looks so flawless on Instagram, it messes with girls’ heads. It’s nice when people look real but that doesn’t happen often.”

On sharing products with husband Judd Apatow:
“He knows my whole routine by now. Though once, he began using my purple-tinted shampoo not knowing it’s meant for blondes, and it turned his hair this weird color. He didn’t understand what was happening.”

How she stays in shape:
“Oh, I’m so inconsistent about exercise. I have periods where I’ll work out four times a week, then I’ll quit for months. I probably lean more toward those down periods… You read about actors who wake up at 4AM so they can get in a workout – that’s definitely not me. I’d much rather sleep!”

Me too! I am a sleep fanatic! There’s no way you will catch me getting up at 4AM to workout.


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