Keke Palmer Talks Positive Affirmations and Stepping Past Your Fears

keke palmer

Keke Palmer, who currently stars as Zayday in FOX’s newest horror-comedy series, Scream Queens, is always dropping serious wisdom beyond her 22 years!

In a powerful interview with XO Necole, the actress spoke on the importance of positive affirmations, stepping past your fears, and making changes to better your life.

Check out some of the highlights below!

In terms of getting out of your own way and making a plan for your life:

“Stop telling yourself what you can’t do. I so often kept telling myself that “I can’t do this, I can’t do this,” yes you can!

Sit down and think about what it is that you want and why you want it. You have to check if your reasoning is coming from a pure place.

Then you get your plan together. How am I going to do this? So it’s just about taking yourself through the process and going through a list. Why do I want to do something and is it coming from a pure place? Thenmove forward and figure out how you’re going to get it done. It’s just steps and steps and steps and taking it one day at a time.”

How perception determines your fears:

“We have a choice. I feel like sometimes in our existence, in our society, we feel we don’t have a choice in how we feel. Fear is a choice.That is something you can either choose to feel or not.

That is not to say that you’re not going to have dangerous situations, or situations that have multiple [bad] outcomes, but ultimately you get to choose how you feel about it and how you choose to feel about it will help propel you forward in how that situation goes.

If I perceive a situation to be bad, my experience might as well be bad. But if I perceive a situation to be good, there is nothing that is going to stop me from having a good time because that is what I want the situation to be. So I think the first thing to overcome fear is to understand that you have a choice with how you choose to feel and how you want to feel about something and fear falls under that. So ultimately, fear doesn’t have to be real if you don’t want it to be. I look at my situation from this point of view and that’s what helps me and guides me.”

How change can have a positive impact on your life:

“Change in who you are. Change in your life, in your relationship. Change in your job. Change is something that we are so afraid of. We pray and we pray for things to happen, ‘I want this change to happen in my life,’ but the moment that, that change happens, we are dumbfounded. We are horrified. We are backtracking. We are trying to put our lives back into the pieces of who we thought we were.

Change is the best damn thing that can happen to you! If your life isn’t changing, if your life isn’t constantly under construction, well baby we need to get to moving. Baby, we need to do some stuff.

When I embraced change–whew *takes a deep breath*–that’s when I got on Broadway. Change–that’s when I did [my single] “I Don’t Belong to You,” Change–that’s when I did Scream Queens, because before then, that’s when I was trying to keep whatever life I thought was good and comfortable for me before, I was trying to keep that together.

But when I realized that my change [and changes in my life] was the answer to my previous prayers, is when I realized losses are necessary.  Some things are necessary for me to lose. It was meant for me to lose that. I was meant to not have this or that. Once you accept things that you necessarily didn’t want to accept before, once you accept them, that’s when you can move forward. A lot of times we are holding on but we also need to learn and accept to let go.

Letting go–it can seem much more difficult in the moment of it but when you do, that’s when doors also open.”

Loved reading these words from Keke! Her ability to reach a younger audience with her wisdom is why she snagged her own talk show, Just Keke, on BET last year. I look forward to seeing more from her in the future!

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